Chapbook: Phantom Equator

"its lineaments constellated the iridescent while"

Phantom Equator at above/ground press 


What one is having beliefs about still in this moment is precisely stilled in this feeling of oneself 

is merely perception grown ponderously merely in that afterwards room and despite hunger and 

though intensified through another's presence is still and precisely stilled and prescient and present 

as an otherness rooted to thought its displacement imagines disguises as the room disguises itself 

and through diminished expression imagines apartment corridors ponderous in silence and still 

wherever I looked I saw myself in the modern urban dwelling influence consciously astonishing 

perceived moments [un]like doubling [un]like therefore by dint of what minor tropisms unspoken 

or unknown could we unknowingly turn to perceive the disguise implicate in another’s approach 

astonishedly its lineaments constellated the iridescent while